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As a bespoke game localization company, our product is the game content enjoyed by consumers all over the world. That’s why we choose our linguists with such extreme care and work so hard to create a supportive online environment that is open, creative, and collaborative. It is only in that fertile soil that the creative mind can thrive and blossom.

More than simple localization

Game translation is a creative process. With over 30 years' experience we know that better than most.

Preserving your content's identity

Your writer's voice matters. We localize content in a way that preserves that unique identity.

Constant communication

Collaboration relies on communication. We establish a level that fits into your production schedules.



Even the best localization requires a high-quality and professional voice over to give players an experience that leaves a positive impression…
Despite their best intentions sometimes our clients come to us with task that requires a little extra work and attention…
Even after your text is translated, it still needs to be checked in situ to ensure that it works according to plan. This is a vital step…
Translating for an entertainment medium is not like translating a catalog or a user’s manual. It requires creativity and…

Translation can mean many things depending on the source texting question. Some translations require greater faithfulness to the source, while others require a looser and less faithful translation in order to more accurately communicate the original intent. But one thing that all projects have in common is that they all require using the right tool for the right job and using the right person for the job. 

Dragonbaby LLC is a video game and entertainment media localization company founded and led by renowned 30-year veteran Japanese to English game translator Jeremy Blaustein, famous for his work on Metal Gear Solid, Silent Hill, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, and countless other AAA titles. It is dedicated to the highest standards of both quality and creativity in game and entertainment media localization.

Led by Jeremy Blaustein, the writer of one of the most legendary, landmark game translation scripts of all time, METAL GEAR: SOLID, Dragonbaby sets the gold standard for crafting A-level game localization.

David Hayter Writer, Director, Actor (Solid Snake)

I worked with Jeremy for years on Pokémon and it was a pleasure. I know first hand how he handles deadlines, his dedication to quality and attention to detail. If your project is important, you need to call this guy.

Tim Werenko Co-Founder, 3BEEP

Jeremy has studied Japanese culture so deeply, and has such a profound understanding of Japan and Japanese people, that he’s capable of doing astounding work...

Hiroyuki Fushitani ORIGINAL Inc. President

I have worked with Jeremy for over a decade. He has always been extremely dedicated to any project..., was highly motivated, and always focused on quality.

Chris Hausermann Consumer Products Development Manager, Bungie

Every localization project is different. We listen to your requirements, we ask relevant questions and we work just as hard as you do to make sure your product or service meaningfully reaches its audience. He have helped to ship 1000s of successful titles. We’d like yours to be the next one.

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