Voice recording

We are experienced voice directors and project managers in both video game and TV localization. Having the native language writer present during recording can greatly speed up the process and reduce recording errors.

Translation in the mix

Adding local meaning

Voice recording and localization

Research indicates that voiceovers are a key factor in product choice. Poor delivery of even a polished script can torpedo a project. Naturalness of speech and intonation are a critical part of the voice recording process. Allow us to be on hand to deliver this final level of polish.

Why it is important

Even the best localization requires a high-quality and professional voice over in order to give players an entertainment experience that leaves a positive impression. Furthermore, experience shows clearly that using the same company for your localization and for arranging your VO offers a tremendous advantage in terms of quality.

How we approach this work

We are ready to consult with you about the particulars of your project, and to help you arrange your voice recording at a professional studio close to you, or in virtually any major city in the world.
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