Saving you time and money by cleaning up supplied content before the full localization service commences. 

Copywriting and editing

Editing original content

Why may I need editing?

Despite their best intentions sometimes our clients come to us with text that requires a little extra work and attention. This can happen for a variety of reasons, including sloppy grammar, machine translation, cultural insensitivity, or simply blended uninspiring text. Dragonbaby can clean up, correct, and punch up your text to give it the pizzazz it needs.

Why it is important

The better your supplied copy is at the start of the project, the better our eventual localisation work will be. It will save you both time and money for us to double check original text for consistency, grammar, cultural appropriateness, etc from the outset.

How we approach this work

Our local linguists are more than translators. They have experience in and passion for video game and entertainment media. Many are professional writers in their own countries. All work is checked and proof read by additional native speakers.
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