We do so much more than just translate. Localization through translation is the goal. We aim to understand our clients’ intentions with their content, as well as their brand positioning.


Original intent matters

What is Translation?

Translation can mean many things depending on the source text in question. Some translations require greater faithfulness to the source, while others require a looser and less faithful translation in order to more accurately communicate the original intent.

Why it is important

The one thing that all projects have in common is that they all require using the right tool for the right job and using the right person for the job. In addition to this, they require context plus communication.

How we approach this work

Dragonbaby takes enormous care in selecting the linguist most well-suited for each job, based on a thorough consideration of the specifics of each new project. We encourage extremely close communication among all team members and we use the most current technologies to assist us in this.
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