We will partner with your QA team to ensure that the translations we supplied are properly implemented in game. We can LQA test all supplied content to ensure nothing is missing or used inappropriately.

Making sure it works

Quality assured

Wait. What is LQA?

Even after your text is translated, it still needs to be checked in situ to ensure that it works according to plan. This is a vital step in any entertainment medium, including games, apps, and websites. This is our Localization Quality Assurance (LQA) service.

Why it is important

Testing in localised languages is a vital step in polishing your title before submission or release. This LQA stages helps to eliminate the risk of costly console submission fails, essential to any game’s success.

How we approach this work

Consult with Dragonbaby and let us assist in providing this final level of QA to make sure your project is ready for prime time. We promise to maintain a constant, steady flow of communication with you, delivering daily testing reports tailored to your specific requirements.
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