Creative copywriting by professional video game and entertainment media specialists. Transcreation is critical for success in foreign markets. We ensure that every detail of your content is culturally appropriate.

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Wait. What is Transcreation?

Translating for an entertainment medium is not like translating a catalog or a user’s manual. It requires creativity and the ability to connect with the spirit and intent of the original source. In fact, it is a form of content creation more akin to writing than translation, particularly one involving languages unrelated to each other, such as English and Asian languages.

Why it is important

Localizing entertainment content needs an understanding of the way it should be expressed and presented across different countries and cultures. The meaning and expression can vary greatly, even for the same exact content.

How we approach this work

Dragonbaby draws on the experience and confidence gained over more than a quarter of a century of localizing some of the world’s best known IP’s, such as Pokémon, Metal Gear Solid, Silent Hill and many others. We carefully select the most essential elements of your content and work as creative copywriters.
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