Media Round Up

Jeremy has been involved in media translation for decades working on some incredible video games and broadcast projects. 

This has meant he’s been interviewed about this work on a number of occasions. If you’d like to read or listen to these interviews and other articles, here’s a useful round up.


We’re starting with this as it’s a useful summary of the titles he’s worked on –


The bizarre, true story of Metal Gear Solid’s English translation – here

Kojima Productions Network

An interview on the KPN YouTube channel. Grab a coffee for this one, it’s over an hour – here

The Grate Debate

An interview on TheGrateDebate YouTube channel. This one was recorded in two parts in 2012 and 2018! – here

Metal Gear Mondays

An interview, part of the podcast series, by Metal Gear Mondays – here

Push To Talk

One of the older podcasts here from 2008, split into 12 parts – here


If you’re interested in the history of Suikoden, the fantastic RPG series, these guys at Suikocast should be your go to source. This is an episode they ran with Jeremy – here

Junker HQ

Another older form interview conducted via email! The original version was posted on, a site that’s no longer live. Reposted by Junker HQ – here

Silent Hill Memories

An interview originally published in 2003 discussing Silent Hill – here

Final Games

A repost linking to an episode of the series Final Games. The premise of the show is similar to Desert Island Disks, where a video games professional has to discuss the only 8 games they’d take to a desert island to be played during their time in isolation – here